Operations Research Analyst Interview Questions

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“Prove that the number between two twin primes can be divided by 6.”

“You have 1000 randomly sampled data points. The goal is to try to build a regression model with one response variable from k regressor variables. Which is better?
1. (Bayesian Regression) Using the…”

“How comfortable are you with the idea that you may be in some danger doing this job?”

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“Go through the resume”

“Non of the questions were difficult or unexpected. I was asked about my experience and my previous closely related work. The software tools used are different than my tools of choice but it was made…”

“Please explain some of the OR projects you worked on in previous jobs.”

“Prove that the inter-arrival time of a Poisson process is exponentially distributed”

“How to route trucks for delivery to a number of customers in Seattle with time windows?”

“Tell me about your research”

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