Operations Research Analyst Interview Questions

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“How many barbers would you estimate are in the city of Philadelphia and why?”

“They asked some of the typical investment banker interview questions. I think they just want to make sure you can 1) think 2) won't crack under pressure (people really have just walked out).”

“Phone (30 min): -What does the FDA do?
-If you were in a high school play, what position are you?
-Your boss emails you "There is a drug crisis in America"... how do you respond? What questions…”

“Algorithm to solve vehicle routing problem”

“Why do you choose the major during the undergraduate?”

“There were really no unanswerable questions. You either had the type of expereince they wanted to discuss or you didn't. Just be prepared to discuss your past.”

“First round:
1. Why choose Reddwerks and what do you know about the products?
2. What is your most favorite and least favorite course?
3. What should be the qualities of a good OR analyst…”

“If you have two coins, one is a fair coin and other is with two heads. If you get a coin and flip it, then if you know that is head, what is the probability that this coin is the fair one.”

“What are you looking for in the Army?”

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