Operations specialist Interview Questions

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“If you saw a coworker take a piece of gum, would you tell your supervisor?”

“Tell us one thing about yourself that we wouldn't know now but would know in 6 months from now.”

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“Tons of behavioral questions encountered in the whole process- What would you do if there was a problem within your team etc..”

“What is the unit of measurement for natural gas?”

“They have you pretend to help a customer locate a couple things in their catalog - so you can demonstrate your demeanor and thought process.”

“Was currently employed as a Sales Specialist with the bank and was underperforming in my sales categories because I was filling in as the Teller Operations Specialist in her absence. Was asked…”

“First question caught me off guard and it shouldn't have: How does sound move through water?
The rest were challenging, but enjoyable.”

“what type of job are you looking to go into”

“What are the different steps leading to a successful product launch?”

“Why do you want to work for Humana?”

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