Optimization Interview Questions

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“Out of 25 horses, pick the fastest 3 horses. In each race, only 5 horses can run at the same time. What is the minimum number of races required?”

“How to sell an "equity option" if there are no long positions of the underlyer or the option itself ?”

“What makes an SEO consultant valuable?”

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“What makes you think you'd be good at this?”

“No difficult questions. I breezed through the on-site presentation that included the VP of Delivery, HR, Recruiters and a few Project Mgrs.”

“Given a string of words and a maxWidth, write a method that inserts new lines where appropriate to perform a word-wrap. (Wrap on word boundaries, assume " " is fine). Now, how does your...”

“How would you optimize an SQL query?”

“Solve an optimization problem”

“What are some examples of search engine marketing related business results you've delivered for clients in the past?”

“Given a histogram data representation, how would you find the adjacent bars/columns that collectively yield a rectangle with the largest coverage area.”

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