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“They were all typical questions. The difficulty was in answering it several times to different interviewers who each had a different viewpoint”

“Provide specific example of how I'd handle X problem”

“All very basic, nothing hard. Emphasis your applicable skills obviously”

“How I overcame a challenging colleague.”

“Please describe a time where you had to make a decision without your boss' approval first. Then in detail describe what you did and the outcome of your decision.”

“Please describe a business decision that you had to make. Please go over the detailed research in this decision, and why you choice what you did.”

“Tell me about a time when you had a difficult goal to accomplish and you did not complete it in time, what did you do to resolve the situation?”

“Tell me an experience when you had a lot of work to be done and very short period of time to do it. Details on what you did and the outcome of the work load.”

“I really did not have anything unexpected asked of me.”

“As they are all competency questions, they are all difficult and expected. just be prepare”

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