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“what content have you created”

“What was the last book you read and why?”

“walk me through your resume
are you interested in an hrbp position?
literally this was it because i pre-empted the call.”

“How do you tell if employees are winners or losers?”

“What style of music would best describe your business philosophy?”

“Describe your experience”

“No questions were difficult or unexpected. The questions were inline with the industry and the position. The recruiter did allow me to elaborate on my responses which I greatly appreciated.”

“Nothing out of the ordinary. Asked questions about past experiences to see how my skills can be transferrable to the position I was applying for. The interviewer was very friendly and made it easy…”

“During my interview, the woman who was part of the OD team rolled her eyes at one of my answers. So unprofessional. I knew then, I did not get the job. She was brought be back down to the lobby…”

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