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“How many bottles of shampoo are produced in the world a year?”

“I was asked if I had customer service experience and how my computer and phone skills ranked.”

“"Sell me your shirt." "What kind of animal would you ne?"”

“What are good questions to ask to a customer when they come in to our store?”

“If you see someone put a t-shirt in her bag, what do you do?”

Director at HSN

Oct 18, 2013

“Tell me about your career”

“Choose a data structure to store the extracted words and their positions in a sentence and then bring the sentence back using any language you like. Writing code on paper.”

“How many bottles of shampoo used in hotels around the world”

“How would you interact with people that are on a much lower economic level than yourself?”

“Would I throw Ethics out the window to make a sale. They want you to say yes!”

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