Outreach Interview Questions

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“How do you handle feedback from others?”

“Give an example of when you had to resolve a conflict.”

“I was given a pretty thorough example work exercise to complete after I interviewed. It was very well explained and I knew exactly what was expected of me.”

“Why are you leaving your current job?”

“If you came home from work and told a family member you had an awful day at work, what would make a bad day at work for you?”

“It was the infamous "tell me about yourself" and "what particular strengths make you stand out?" inquiries. Other questions were more situational where examples of previous experience were requested...”

“No difficult questions. It was more like a fluid conversation about my past work experiences. The questions were not standard interview style questions, but rather questions asking me to elaborate on...”

“How would you go about providing guidance to a city leader that calls you for advice on how to improve their community?”

“Where do you see yourself with this company in a year from now?”

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