Outside Sales Representative Interview Questions

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“In the group interview they asked us to fill out a one page questionaire which had questions like, What are you most proud of? How would you describe yourself? Etc...”

“"What is your favorite restaurant around campus, imagine I'm the decision maker for that business. Give me your sales pitch if you're one of our interns."”

“Why should we pick you over the other applicants?”

“Why change jobs now?”

“Walk me through your resume.”

“Having to work 6 days per week and 12 hour days, for a base salary of 2,000. Gasoline reimbursement & commission was to be extra. But the hours just were way too long. I proposed to work a 45 hour…”

“Probably most important, hence the most difficult, would be describing a situation in which you had to perform to a certain level/achieve a certain quota in sales and whether you reached that goal…”

“No questions at this stage of the interview process. Sales Mgr wanted to know if I was interested.”

“Do you mind being Outdoors doing door to door Sales on Potential Customers' property?”

“Can you commit to a full season”

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