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Owner at DL Enterprise

May 29, 2012

“What do you consider to be your strongest ability?”

“"Where did I see myself in the future?"”

“describe your job search”

“Where you would like to be in ten years?”

“Must take Strengthfinders 2.0 test”

“There was really nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, the interviewer will want to know about you to see if you would be a good fit to join the team, as they would end up being your direct coach…”

Owner at Freelancer

Nov 14, 2013

“Can you keep quite about recalls and the fact that you may need to tell a customer that parts are available, when in realty we don't know?”

“You told us about leaving Employer A because Employer B made you an "offer you couldn't refuse". But certainly there had to be something at Employer A that wasn't quite as you wanted it to be to…”

“Can you provide samples of your work.”

“Here is a phone on the table. Can you sell me the phone?”

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