Paralegal Interview Questions

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“Was asked to explain my resume.”

“(Delivered as a comment) "You are a bit over qualified."”

“What background or knowledge do you have that's related in immigration law?”

“Asked me in details bullet for bullet on my resume and asked for examples?ex. what type of inquiries did you receive? give us an example of an email you answered.”

“Not any unusual or unexpected questions.”

“What are your salary requirements?”

“directly related with foreign practice on patents. Inquiry as to whether trademarks was also a task that could be completed”

“Do you have a paralegal certificate? (After, I explained initially that I hadn't; been reassured that it was strictly administrative; and things were going swimmingly.)”

“How would you design a spice rack for a blind person?”

“What do you mean you're not making enough money to support yourself?”

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