Parcel Interview Questions

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“Name a time I had more then one commencement at one time. (More then one job at a time or job and school)”

“Regarding your hardest job”

“Are you willing to work shorter hours or modified schedule”

“Define good customer service.
Describe a time you worked on a team, your goals, what you accomplished.
What are you most exciting about coming to work for Fred Meyer.”

“none! every question was easy and need a update in some of then”

“What does integrity mean to you?”

“Again, there weren't any challenging questions that I can remember, a lot of it was just to see if you can work under certain conditions. Just come prepared for a standard interview and you will…”

“Explain a time when you had a conflict with someone.”

“They asked a time when I was put on the spot in a situation and how I would handle the situation.”

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