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“What would you do if an employee was complaining during a shift?”

“It was an easy interview…. "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"”

“They had you take a skills test”

“Scenario: You retrieve a car for a woman who is carrying a crying baby with her hands full and after looking she states she doesn't have any money to pay the valet fee. What would you do in this…”

Valat at Ace Parking

Dec 13, 2013

“"Can you drive a manual transmission"”

“As I understand it, each candidate had different questions asked of them, tailored to their background and experiences within Towne Park. The most unexpected question for me (it was too easy) was to…”

“Are you able to pass a drug test?”

“First question was "Tell me about yourself?"”

“Are you a criminal?”

“Do you have any experience with handling money?”

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