Part Time Book Seller Interview Questions

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“Give me a sales pitch for our membership card.”

“How did you resolve the last disagreement you had with a co-worker or friend? If you were a customer here and had a complaint, how would you go about resolving the issue?”

“How would you approach a customer?”

“How would you make your co-workers feel welcome on your first day? (I thought this was the most ridiculous question because it was backwards. THEY should make newcomers feel welcome on their first...”

“Discuss a time you missed a deadline and why?”

“How do you handle a difficult customer? What do you do when a customer said "no" to the membership offer?”

“What things do you not want to do in your job.”

“I guess the most "difficult" question I was asked was one asking what I would do if someone approached me and didn't know what they were looking for. What made it difficult was simply the fact that I...”

“A time that I had to solve a disagreement”

“"How do you deal with difficult people?"”

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