Part Time Detailer Interview Questions

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“Are you willing to work overtime.”

“Do you feel you have been fortunate or unfortunate”

Detailer at PepsiCo

Sep 24, 2013

“Besides Fritos, Lays, and Doritos, name 3 other Frito-Lay products.”

“Describe a workplace where you volunteered improvements”

Detail at AutoNation

Jul 27, 2014

“I will test for a month.Is good because that prove who you really are.”

“Do you have experience...”

“Why are you the best candidate for this job?”

“The most difficult Question was bye me being black would i be able to work around a bunch of white auto technician ,”

“All softball questions as I was overqualified for the job and had no problem answering them.”

“Would scheduling be a problem?”

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