Part Time Employee Interview Questions

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“Why do you want to work here? What about you should make me want to hire you?”

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“do you have any children?”

“All of them. At this point just walk away without an offer. This place isn't worth it.”

“what would you do when you incounter problems with co workers”

“I can't say that any questions were very difficult. They all entailed me explaining how I handled very situations in other work, school, or volunteer activities.”

“What are your references [most important question for them]”

“Unexpected: "We are a in a certain business sector, How do you feel about guns and knives?" This was not a joke question, gun holsters, rifle scopes, and knives are what they sell most of online.”

“Why did I want to become a mail carrier.”

“Name five Norwegian restaurants in the Loop.”

“The most unexpected question the VP of HR asked me was: " How are employees added or taken off the plans? I did not understand the question. What she was really was trying to find out was when do…”

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