Part Time Merchandiser Interview Questions

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“Why should we choose you over the other candidates?”

“If you saw your supervisor doing something you felt wrong, what would you do?”

“If your normal % rate of closing an item is 42%

If you have 12 items of x selling at 30%
If you have 15 items of y selling at 40%

What is your % rate of closing on the items?”

“Tell me all the things you can do with a rock?”

“The interviewer will ask a specific math question like if a customer gives you a $20 bill and the total is $14.57 how much change to you give back?”

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how honest are you?”

“Say you were running an A/B test for an email campaign, what would you want to know?”

“merchandise a fixture.. tell me your story behind it ?”

“Where do you get your style inspiration?”

“How would you style a clothing rack?”

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