Part Time Retail Sales Consultant Interview Questions

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“When were you given a NO, and not able to turn that into a YES?”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Using the STAR method, can you recall a time when you had to convince someone of your point of view?”

“Name a time when you were able to provide exceptional customer service and what was the result?”

“Experience. Whether I was excited to be with the company. Why they should choose me over others... Etc”

“Just the sales part. That's all they really care about.”

“The online assessment asked me to rank values from most to least important, rather than assigning each one its own score. Thus, if I ranked some at the top, the others ended up at the bottom. This is…”

“An old man and a younger person come in at the same time, who would you help first?”

“How do you deal with rude or angry customers?”

“What phone do you carry? You have two minutes to sell it to me... GO.”

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