Part Time Sales Lead Interview Questions

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“How to deal with insubbordanate co workers?”

“How can you deter theft”

“The interview questions were very straight forward. The most difficult question was probably about how I have handled upset customers in the past.”

“They change the questions. The most important one is what should happen to an employee who steals.”

“Why should we pick you over other applicant we have seen today?”

Sales Lead at Crazy 8

Aug 16, 2012

“What the best way to customer service is while the store is busy.”

“What/Why did that customer just do what he/she did? Someone had a bad day!”

Sales Lead at Crazy 8

Aug 26, 2013

“Why don't you have children to wear our clothes?!!! Totally illegal and inappropriate!”

Sales Lead at SkyWire

Sep 10, 2014

“"Are you able to deal with all different types of personalities?"”

Sales Lead at Dropbox

Feb 17, 2014

“What are three areas that Dropbox for Business should go after in the coming year?”

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