Part Time Specialist Interview Questions

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“A company doesn't want to work with Amazon because of their loyalty to one of your competitors. You're in an elevator with that company's CEO, how do you convince him to work with you in 30 seconds?”

“What is your biggest weakness?”

“What do you think qualifies you to work at the Apple Store?”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“Tell us about a time when you had to unexpectedly change a procedure or be flexible with a project? Use work, school, or other projects to find an example. Be very detailed.”

“If you saw a coworker take a piece of gum, would you tell your supervisor?”

“Are you willing to work weekends, holidays, and overnight shifts?
Tell me about a time that you resolved an issue for an unhappy customer.
Do you multitask well?
Can you keep up in a face paced…”

“Since you rated yourself high in product knowledge in the ____ department, pick a product from that department and pretend that you're selling it to us.”

“Why to you want to work at an Apple store.”

“Is there any thing that you'd like to share with me that you couldn't share with the Product Application Specialist Supervisors? All of the questions asked were behavioral questions and a few walk…”

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