Part Time Teller Interview Questions

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Teller at Wells Fargo

Oct 4, 2011

“In the group interview, we had to pair up, then introduce and "sell" each other to the rest of the room (dumb, but not hard). Really, they are more concerned with how you do than what your partner...”

Teller at Citibank

Apr 25, 2011

“How do you handle a customer with multiple requests”

“Did you or any family memeber make any contribution to the election campaign?”

“If we were to call your former employees, what would they say about you?”

“What is the most important thing about customer service?”


Oct 9, 2009

“Why do you want to work at Iberia bank?”

“are you flexible?”

“1. Let's role play, sell me a bank product..... 2. If im a customer and I declined what you are trying to sell me...”

“What does PNC stand for?”

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“why work for us”

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