Partner Account Manager Interview Questions

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“You have to be ready to answer just about anything. I suppose the following is always difficult to answer based on how much you know or do not know about the company you are interviewing with: "How…”

“Presentation of a business scenario given to you that morning.”

“Not anything really difficult of questions that they asked me.”

“Many and many situational questions like what would you do if.....”

“Desribe a time when you had a conflict/disagreement with a fellow employee, what happend and how did you respond. What is the result now?”

“Where else you applied besides
What would you do to get to know people here when you first start?”

“In the first phrase ypical HR questions like "if you'd be a tree what kind of tree you'd like to be"”

“What has been your biggest disappointment in life so far?”

“How are you staying up to date with trends, news, etc. in the specific partner location/country?”

“How would you deal with people/partners who make $1M using our business model?”

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