Parts Delivery Driver Interview Questions

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“is it alright to take money from the cash register?”

“Think of a time when you accidentally gave incorrect information to a coworker or customer and how you resolved it.”

“Tell me a time when a customer was upset with you? Why were they upset ? How did you fix the situation?”

“(Not a surprise, but harder than you think) How well do you know the area?”

“The most difficult question was if I could handle the responsibilities of lifting the amount of paper I would have.”

“How is your driving record?”

“Can you pass a drug test?”

“They are emphatic about drivers working every weekend and examine this thoroughly in the interview.”

“Are you OK with helping out in the store when you're not making deliveries?”

“The most difficult part was that he was following a script and it felt forced.

I'd answer a question and give enough information for the the next question without realizing it, but instead of…”

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