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“Have you ever told a subordinat to do something and found out latter it was wrong? How did you correct it?”

“Most unexpected question: Describe to me the process and benefits of wearing a seatbelt.”

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“You have a 3 gallon bucket and a 5 gallon bucket as your only tools and you need exactly 4 gallons how would you go about getting the 4 gallons?”

“What was the hardest thing you ever had to do in your prior work experience?”

“On a clock, what is the difference in the angle of the minute hand and the hour hand when the clock shows 3:15.”

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“Every kind of client question, i.e. "Tell us about a time when you dealt with a very difficult customer and how you solved their problem. Be specific with the issue at hand, your approach to…”

“Name a change that you have faced (work or school). What steps did you take and what was the outcome?

Name 2/3 strengths that you have when working with a team. Name a time when you faced a…”

Specialist at Apple

Jun 10, 2012

“What is your main weakness?”

“This interview was straight forth and to the point nothing out of the ordinary or too hard.”

“What is the angle created between the minute and hour hands on a clock that reads 4:20?”

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