Patent Examiner Interview Questions

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“"Give an example of when you had to make a persuasive argument to someone - how did you accomplish it, what was the outcome?"”

“Unexpected question - Can you name the databases you work with?”

“What area or field do you want to go into?”

“Many of the questions posed have been mentioned by others here already, but I was additional asked, "what would be the perfect job for me". A bit of time to think that one through ahead of time would…”

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“What do you know about the USPTO”

“Describe constructive criticism you have received and how you responded to it.”

“It was just a routine interview. Would this be something that you would like?”

“If you have more than one task, how do you get them done?”

“Describe a situation in which you dealt with a difficult customer.”

“Describe a time in which you had a very short deadline to meet”

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