Patient Advocate Interview Questions

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“Your degree is in an unrelated field. It seems like you started going down a certain path. What made you want to get into this field and why did you change your career goals?”

“In my exit interview I was asked to give a statement on the company. I told them I had far too much respect for the customers to treat them they way this company was asking me to. 'For Profit…”

“The scenario questionnaire that is asked during interviews sometimes makes many of us nervous. They are asked because they want to see how I handled stressful situations. I think I did very well!”

“Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult customer”

“Questions are not hard make sure you can quickly answer: Tell me about yourself, What will you bring to the table, how would you handle working with a problem teammate, and upset client...My advice…”

“12 pages of various personality questions - who could choose which one was the most difficult or unexpected.”

“What's your biggest weakness?”

“Why do you want to leave your current job”

“So what did you make when you worked with us before?”

“How would you deal with an irate patient?”

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