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“How would you write a SQL query to pull the following data out of these three tables?”

“What systems have I worked on? Am I able to learn multiple softwares since I only had experience with one system that they didn't use? How well do I work under pressure and in a fast working…”

“What type of experience do you have?”

“Tell me a time when you didn't agree with a policy at work? What did you do and how did you adapt?”

“Give me an example of a problem you faced on the job, and tell me how you solved it. I knew they were testing my critical thinking skills.”

“How would you build an integration queue with Java”

“Pretty much she just went over my resume and that was it. She said that she would get back with me monday after she talked to compensation. She wanted to send me over to meet tge directors over the…”

“Why are you leaving your current position?”

“Not too many were difficult and none were unexplained.”

“Tell me one new thing you have learned about yourself recently?”

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