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PC Tech at Gogo

Feb 22, 2014

“Was asked about intel product code names, which techs don't really use in the field on a day to day basis.”

PC Tech at Mondo

Jan 22, 2014

“Make sure you can discuss you back ground with out looking at your resume .”

“When can you start?”

“Name a time you've been faced with a difficult problem and how you resolved the issue.”

“Didn't really have any.”

“Do you feel comfortable setting up new pcs and working with end users?”

“If you had the means financially would you start your own business?”

PC Tech at TEKsystems

Feb 6, 2015

“What would you do when encountered with a Blue Screen of Death”

“Decribe your past jobs that relate this opening”

PC Tech Intern at ADM

Dec 4, 2009

“"tell us about a time when you had to do something you didn't agree with in work, school, etc";”

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