Peace Corps Volunteers Interview Questions

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“What will you do when there is nothing to do?”

“Would you be willing to live in a country where women are very discriminated?Are you a vegetarian? Would you be willing to change that?”

“Why do you want to join the Peace Corps?”

“How would you feel about modifying your appearance to fit into a culture?”

“How would you feel if placed in a culture where alcohol was forbidden? Consumed excessively?”

“Have you worked with individuals of different ethnic backgrounds before? How did it go?”

“Are you flexible and willing to go anywhere? Or do you have your heart set on one location?”

“Has there ever been a time when you thought you should quit something?”

“How do you deal with stress?”

“A lot of situational questions, describe a time when you had to teach someone something, describe a time when you didn't agree with someone, how did you handle that situation? Describe a time when...”

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