Performance Engineer Interview Questions

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“sql query to find count of students having same last name”

“Why might you use SMTP to get large (multi-gig) line-oriented text-based logs from one machine to another?”

“What do you think you can make a Patent out of your previous work?”

“Find duplicates in two arrays.”

“1. Have you ever been required to regularly account for 45 second intervals and to check list all you do on each shift? 2. Describe a time where you worked through a disagreement that was not easily...”

“What Appliance do you use to measure latency of applications?”

“How do you determine the number of vusers needed to meet the forcasted load?”

“If a Manual tester reports that when logged in from one account, seeing some details of a different account. How will you handle it.”

“Why are you leaving the current firm.”

“what is the essential idea of memory design”

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