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“none - this was a very simple interview to verify my skills and experience for the position”

Talent at WET Design

Dec 31, 2013

“I cannot think of anything that stumped or derailed me.... The level of passion and commitment that I had to join WET was so high, that it was not going to matter anyways. I knew that WET was my…”

Intern at SXSW

Feb 23, 2014

“They asked me how I would deal with interacting with artists if problems arose.”

“I wouldn't say the questions were difficult but they definitely made you think. First there was a phone screen after weeks of applying then I had to create a proposal on two questions that were asked.”

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years - with or without the company?”

“There were no difficult questions.”

“Name the halls of the music center.”

“There weren't any particular difficult or unexpected questions, but they did ask me to describe my level of technical experience (knowing I was coming from a tech sales position).”

“are you loyal to you staff or the corporation”

“I was asked about the my work history and experience.”

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