Personal Banker II Interview Questions

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“What made you want to start a career in banking? (Considering I had no experience)”

“If you were a part of a car, what would you be and why?”

“Why should you be employees when you have no previous banking experience?”

“Most difficult situation you have had at any job.”

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“They actually send you example questions to be asked: Tell me the last time you had to handle a customer complaint”

“None, if you have interviewed as a banker this was very straightforward.”

“Explain a time where you had an unruly customer and how you handled the situation.”

“Can you tell me how to sell me a product?”

“You will most likely be asked to sell/present a recommendation to the interviewer as if they were a bank client. Be prepared to ask fact finding questions of the "customer" and let the "customer" do...”

“they ask interview questions in story form. they want to know what the problem or issuse, how did you resolve it and what the outcome was”

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