Personal experience Interview Questions

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“Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader.”

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“Why do you seek this position instead of others?”

“Name one instance in which you went above and beyond your job duties to ensure customer satisfaction.”

“What skills can I bring to the table to advance the opportunities for Ag-Tronix in the market were in (or enable us to seek new markets)?”

“Describe the Trans-theoretical Model of Change (TTM) and how you used it in the past to help a client of yours? (they were referring to me being a personal trainer)”

“Name a time in your life that you felt really had a dramatic effect on your the person you are today”

Cashier at Target

Jun 12, 2012

“Name an experience that relates to the costumer experience that you will have to do here.”

“How would you address Management if your cost estimate was way too low from the contract cost?”

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“Questions are confidential.”

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