Personality Interview Questions

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“Why would HP choose you?”

“Have you thought of a specific goal in your career?”

“If you could work in any department in the store, which would you choose?”

“Interviewers picked a topic from my resume that I had received a short amount of training on then never touched again. They didn't specifically mention what product they were asking about, but…”

“Are you willing to travel more than 70% of the time?”

“Can't remember any specific questions being terribly difficult. If you prepare modestly, are honest with yourself in your responses (but not obnoxious or unprofessional), and remain friendly, you'll…”

“They had me create two outfits. One describing me, one for a 17 year old girl going on a cruise. And then put back every item as I found it & tell why I picked it.”

“What books are on your bedside table?”

“What is your experience with web application development in a matrix environment?”

“Why are you looking to change jobs?”

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