Pet Care Specialist Interview Questions

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“I was asked if my college education was going to lead me to take up a career in an animal-related field. At the time I was, so I could truthfully answer 'yes', but I'm not sure if it would have…”

“The selling question I detailed in the "Hiring and Interview Process" was unexpected, original, and very pertinent to the job.”

“The questionnaire when applying is trickier than the interview, as it is intended to trick you into answering the same questions differently ("is stealing wrong?" & the like). Interview is pretty…”

“Describing conflict resolution scenarios from past experiences and their outcomes.”

“Why was I leaving my current position.”

“Was there ever a time you dealt with an angry customer?”

“Describe why you want to work at Petsmart and what kind of animal experience do you have?”

“I had little work experience and most of that experience was professional and the company trained their employees well, so I didn't really have any personal problems with that company that I had to…”

“Do you think you are self motivated?”

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