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“The questions are about the students interest in research groups. Such as any specific projects they are interested into and what abilities they have which is making the interested.”

PhD Student at MIT

Sep 16, 2011

“Discuss: how the brain processes information.”

“What have you done before?”

PhD Student at LSU

Jun 12, 2012

“Why do you want to do this? What area of research are you most interested in?”

“Your interest area for research?”

“Have you ever thought about [ Insert a modification of your research question from your research presentation in the morning]? How would you go about solving it if you encountered such a problem”

“What was the biggest risk you ever took?”

“How would you deal with the communication issues for example with foreign representatives?”

“What you're telling me is I really don't understand your research at all, right? You think I'm stupid don't you?”

“That I had to have at least one face to face meeting before they can hire me.”

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