Photographer/Sales Associate Interview Questions

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“What is 10% of 90? I just found that kinda funny... they also asked what 50% of 100 was ...”

“Tell me about a time that you bent a rule for what you thought was a good reason?”

“Have you worked with posing people before.”

“Do you have a sales background?”

“I was asked to give a specific example of keeping calm dealing with a disgruntled customer.”

“Do you have experience with children? I did not. But you learn quick”

“The question that seems to catch everyone off guard is "Tell me about yourself. Who are YOU?"”

“I have been in the workforce since I was 17 so the questions were basic. I was comfortable as was the manager. I suppose if I were younger, some of the questions might have been harder to answer…”

“What animal do you express yourself as? Why?”

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