PHP Developer Interview Questions

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“sql statements”

“How much did you make at each of your previous roles?”

“There was a question regarding databases that they kept pushing and making harder each time I would answer it until they finally came to a question that I could not answer.”

“Estimate how many people get married in the United States every week.”

“Overall the interview went well until I was asked to disclose my entire compensation history. I am used to occasionally being asked what my current pay is in an interview, but this company wanted…”

“He asked me to create 2 PHP classes”

“Are you available?”

“Why are man holes round?”

“3 lightbulbs are in a room and your on the outside of the room with the door closed. there are 4 lightswitches on teh outside of the room. How would you know which lightbulb goes with which switch…”

“Write an algorithm to reverse a string without doubling the memory usage.”

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