Physician Recruiter Interview Questions

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“Are you comfortable selling on the phone?”

“When there are only 4 physicians in the country with specific training/background, how do you convince them to come to TCH/Houston?”

“There really were no unexpected questions. It was a very easy interview.”

“What would a former employer say about you?”

“There are none - if they like you, they'll give you a try - it's straight commission after 1 month, so they don't really care - if you get or fill contracts, they make money - if not, you're gone.”

“Do you see yourself wanting to make a life out of this job?”

“Describe a time you had to work with an unpleasant co worker, and how did you deal with it?”

“Would you rather have a job that pays high salary and low commissions or low salary and high commissions?”

“Asked to describe a frustrating situation and to describe the outcome.”

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