Physiotherapist Interview Questions

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“What made you want to apply for this position?”

“If a client has bumps or bruises on their body, do you mention it to them?”

“None. Very straigh forward. They are just looking to fill a position and their standards aren't very high.”

“Why would you be a good therapist. What have you done in the past. What terms did I know about ABA - what intensifies behavior, what decreases it, what restraining techniques do I know, what…”

“What was your most difficult parent dealing?”

“Where do you see yourself in terms of this newly chosen profession? How are you going to make the transition?”

“No real interview questions about my skill set or anything else other than what I was willing to do.”

“Nothing difficult really.”

“How do you handle clients who don't like you?”

“What kind of situations have I overcome”

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