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“There is a good chance you will deploy, are you ok with getting shot at.”

“Why do you think PHI is a good fit for you?”

Pilot at Jet Edge

Feb 8, 2015

“How/why did you become a Pilot?”

“The questions were straight forward, and most were presented during the phone interview. If you're flying an ILS approach, and you get the approach lighting system in sight--> What is your...”

“In the sim, know your VFR mins and regs. Slow down and breath and think about whats going on and take it slow.”

“If another 9/11 happened, and you had to stray from strict Air Force protocol to follow an order what would you do?”

“Willing to deal with seeing people suffering and possibly die during missions?”

“Will you work 14 hours days, up to 7 or 9 days in a row?”

“Found a discrepancy in my list of speeding tickets.”

“Tell us why you believe you will make an excellent pilot for our company for the next 30 years?”

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