Platform Engineer Interview Questions

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“I was asked how to generate a random integer in the range [1, 7] if I only had a function that returned random integers from [1, 5].”

“Find the maximum sum of a subsequence in the array.”

“Given a set of memory cards, determine whether they will work (and how well) on a given platform.”

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“Besides the technical questions, my task was to scout out potential teammates to join the team.”

“Linux Knowledge”

“Software languages used for programming.”

“One challenging problem I faced was kind of a brain teaser. The task was to design a mathematical function that describes a seemingly simple system. It actually takes some effort to find a…”

“How do you convince your buyer to purchase your new but more expensive product?”

“What is #!/bin/bash?”

“Nothing unexpected. Just revisit your CS fundamentals and be sure of some of the common data structures such as lists, queues, stacks etc and sorting algorithms, LRU cache design and alike.”

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