Platform Engineer Interview Questions

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“I was asked how to generate a random integer in the range [1, 7] if I only had a function that returned random integers from [1, 5].”

“Find the maximum sum of a subsequence in the array.”

“One challenging problem I faced was kind of a brain teaser. The task was to design a mathematical function that describes a seemingly simple system. It actually takes some effort to find a...”

“How do you convince your buyer to purchase your new but more expensive product?”

“rotate a unsigned char s by n bits”

“What is Q-factor of an RLC circuit ?”

“You will need working knowledge of LAMP troubleshooting and general Unix commands. They use a lot of Tomcat so that may help to know about. "If a customer's website is down, walk me through the...”

“Given a set of memory cards, determine whether they will work (and how well) on a given platform.”

“Besides the technical questions, my task was to scout out potential teammates to join the team.”

“Linux Knowledge”

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