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“Why are you here? No one informed the person that she was interviewing me and had not provided my resume.”

“Once we hire you, dont you think you should give more then 2 weeks notice to your current employer??”

“Tell me about a situation where your project fell apart and how you reponded?”

“How do you work with co workers that are very difficult to work with?”

PM Intern at Microsoft

Oct 13, 2011

“Given three lists, find all the common elements.”

“Not typical of general interviews because they deal with a technical clients, but that is to be expected. Be prepared to answer about PM and SS, including specifics about successful projects in the…”

“If you had 1 million dollars, what type of business would you start?”

“Why do you want to move all the way from California to New York?”

“How do you measure leak current?”

PM at Jacobs

Sep 2, 2011

“Personality type”

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