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“If you had 1 million dollars, what type of business would you start?”

“Why do you want to move all the way from California to New York?”

“How do you measure leak current?”

PM at Jacobs

Sep 2, 2011

“Personality type”

PM at Jacobs

Sep 2, 2011


PM at Dickey's BBQ

Nov 17, 2014

“"Do you have a problem with foul language being used around you on a daily basis in a business environment?"”


Feb 28, 2014

“Can you work late hours”

“How do you handle a designer when they refuse to change their concept or design to align with your thinking?”

“How do you keep the junior designers from constantly web surfing and keep them producing?”

Senior PM at IHS

Sep 11, 2009

“What methodology did you use to run your projects.”

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