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PM at Belnick Inc

Jan 28, 2012

“How can you meet the needs of this position?”

“Would you quit your current job for the marriott?”

“It was just a general technical question about how a database system could fail.”

“Most unexpected thing that happened was that the hiring mgr for this position attended the final in person interview and just commented that we had already spoken as he did the previous phone…”

Senior PM at Eli Lilly

Mar 12, 2013

“Salary as it was difficult to compare to other similar positions in the market elsewhere.”

“Are you left or right brain?”

Senior PM at Dewberry

Jul 13, 2014

“none- easy interview process”

PM at Data Concepts

May 30, 2013

“Explain my role in any project that went south”

“Multiple times was asked how I deal with conflict and to use examples from the past. My response of not allowing any disputes or disagreements to escalate to CONFLICT was not accepted as an answer…”

PM at Covidien

Sep 17, 2010

“Why would you be a good fit”

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