Policy Interview Questions

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“Questions were fairly simple”

“On your last review tell me some thing you were ask to work on?”

“Do you feel you can handle reviewing child pornography materials and issues that arise as a member of the legal policy team?”

“You have a law degree, why are you interested in legal policy when this will not lead you to a position on the legal team?”

“Tell me about your experience with Portuguese?”

“They did ask me to provide " very specific" examples from my former work that demonstrated my research and supervisory experience and expertise. Therefore, a prospective interviewee needs to be very…”

“No tough Questions!
Explain a tough decision you took.”

“Have you ever arbitrated intellectual property disputes between a corporation and an individual?”

“All candidates for the same individual position get the same basic interview questions..."Tell me about yourself." "Tell me about a time you worked as part of a team." "How do you handle conflict…”

“You suspended a clients account and the sales manager is complaining to you to reinstate the account because the client is one of the biggest google adwords client. The client was in violation of…”

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