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“Most of the difficult questions were methods questions about my presentation--so those are easy to prepare answers. Some of the harder questions were challenges from the presentation audience on my…”

“"What if you were asked to implement a way to connect everything to everything, how would you do it?" (Essentially an Internet of Things question - something at the very top of the Gartner "Hype…”

“Discuss a current event that you are familiar with.”

“I did not receive any particularly difficult questions, but the team did ask a lot of questions regarding my previous experiences, both academic and professional.”

“Ask if you know how to use a computer and are comfortable "cold-calling people" and asking them to take political surveys for the area they are located in. Must read from script!!!”

“Why should you be hired here?”

“One question was how have you dealt with difficult students.”

“No Interview. Only a project.”

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