Politics Interview Questions

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“Woud you like to work in sales instead? I'll hire you there... I applied to be an Account Manager... not a seller.”

Hostess at Applebee's

Sep 5, 2012

“Who do you plan to vote for in November?”

“Some of the phone surveys will deal with sensitive issues such as religion, politics, and gender issues. Is this acceptable to you?”

“Can you wear high heels on a daily basis?”

“if personal commitments took precidence over work in my life and I was willing to go to "any length" to achieve objective.”

“What are your politics?”

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“What is your least favorite part of working project and program management jobs?”

“Know who your Senator and State Representative is.”

“Tell me about a time when the project you were on didn't go well.”

“How will you complete your responsibilities here?”

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