Power Electronics Engineer Interview Questions

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“Flyback converter and buck-boost converter design models with some serious twists that I had not seen before.”

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“do you have any experience of trade off in your research?”

“Draw a half bridge converter and solve for transfer function”

“do you have any experience design specifications of any component?”

“By far the worst questions was, "What are all the converters you know?" Just...name all the converters you can think of. Imagine applying to work in a grocery store and being asked to name all the...”

“What I would not like to do ? by Business Developmentprofessional. Valid question. I answered very honestly.”

“I had advanced questions about Flyback/PFC controllers. Some questions about small signal equivalent circuit of a NPN transistor and an exercice with an operationel amplifier.”

“Talk about control loop design in the high voltage converter”

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