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“What is your favorite restaurant around NYC?”

“Virginia Tech will want to know your ideas for doing things in a better or more innovative way. "What would you do differently?" is a question you might get.”

“First question: are you familiar with home improvement?”

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“What do you like to do for fun? (This isn't a casual question)”

“Your previous employer's work culture is completely the opposite of the Deloitte culture. What would you do to work well with others in the Deloitte culture?”

“Describe a time that you performed poorly.”

“How would you like to work for the Printers and PC group rather than the Enterprise/Cloud Servers group?”

“How would you go about furthering outreach/reaching new markets”

“What are the steps in mitigating an <____________>. Walk us through each step, why, and how you would handle the situation.”

PR Manager at VMware

Apr 21, 2010

“What's your worst habit”

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